Finding Jesus in the simple things

Let’s be honest.

Life can be confusing, chaotic, and downright overwhelming at times. Often, we find ourselves embedded in daily routines and forget we’re here for a much greater purpose than mere survival.

I’m learning Jesus is all around us. He’s entangled in the simple, everyday things of this life. He’s not an entity somewhere “up there” for which we have to escape into a quiet place to find. Although, time in the secret place is vital to spiritual growth and relationship with our Father.

When we understand our value in the eyes of God, we begin to see that same value everywhere. We see it in nature, circumstances, and other people. He takes care of every creature, big and small.

The enemy wants us to feel as if we’re barely hanging on. Like we’re dangling on the edge of a cliff with our hands slowly losing their tenacious grip. If he can make us think we only need God when things are rough, he’s won.

The Gospel is so much more than just a survival kit to make it through this life.

It’s an invitation into a relationship with the Creator who breathed everything into existence. A Father who desperately wanted His kids back, so He sent Jesus to pay the price. He desired for us to know how valuable and full of worth we are. He wanted us to know just how much He loves us.

Look around. You will find Jesus in the simple things.

A smile from a friend. The soft touch of a loved one. A mama bird feeding her young in the nest. Rays of sunlight trickling down through the clouds. When weariness darkens our doorway, there is peace that can only be found in Jesus.

He’s always there.

God looked down the timeline of life and saw you on your darkest day. In the worst moment of your life when you may have cursed His name or denied His very existence.

And He smiled.

He knew Jesus would willingly die on the Cross so hope would be ever present even on the worst of days.

Wow, what a Father.

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