God loves me, this I know

God loves me, this I know. For He sent Jesus to reveal my created value and worth.

Wow. What a revelation. He didn’t die on the Cross to expose our sin. He died to reveal our value. That’s pretty stinking cool.

He had to die because of our sin, but God sending Jesus to this world had nothing to do with proving how awful we were. God decided it was worth the cost of His son to let us see once and for all just how much He loves us.

Seven months ago, I was addicted to porn for going on 33 years. Then, for the first time in my entire life, I realized just how much God loved me. And it changed everything. When I realized my identity wasn’t defined by addiction, but rather by Creator of the universe, my life got flipped upside down.

I instantly received a new heart. To this day, I can’t honestly explain what happened, but I know the old was gone and I was a new creation. My desire to look at porn vanished. I stopped looking at other women while out in public. My eyes were opened to how alone my wife had been during the seventeen years of our marriage.

And I became free.

Free to love my wife just as Jesus loves us. Free to be the husband and father God intended me to be. I’m learning more and more every day how to be those things. It’s not about waking up and trying to love people or trying to be a Christian.

It’s about being.

It’s about knowing God and receiving His unconditional love. If we wake up every single day seeing ourselves through His eyes, we will see others through the same lens.

We should never wake up thinking people or life owe us anything. We should always wake up to be love.

God loves us so much, Heaven went bankrupt to prove it.

Let’s live from that place and stop striving to reach it.

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