What lens are we looking through?

How we view people, circumstances, and just life in general depends on the lens we’re gazing through.

Our initial thoughts about another person prove just how much or how little we understand God and our purpose for being in this world.

Do we see someone’s car promoting a presidential candidate we don’t like and instantly frown?

Do we hear someone speaking from a different denomination than us and tune them out?

Do we snap-judge people by first impressions?

Do we take people at face value and assume we know what they are all about?

If our first thought about someone has nothing to do with how much God loves them and they were worth the price of Christ’s blood, then we’ve already missed the point of the Gospel.

Are we more focused on their words and actions? Or rather are we focused on the fact they have just as much created value, worth, and potential as we do?

Do we see others as inconveniences or opportunities to spread God’s relentless love?

If we don’t love others, we don’t know God. It’s just that simple.

We might know about Him, but if we don’t love, it reveals we don’t have a relationship and understand our birthright as sons and daughters of the King.

When we realize who we truly are, we see everyone else the same way. Love God and love others as yourself. When we have the revelation of how much God loves us, we see our own value and worth.

We can then love ourselves and love others with that very same view.

We can then see them through the correct lens.

A lens fashioned by the Kingdom.

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