Why do bad things happen?

For me, the answer is simple, yet complicated. I didn’t always believe this way, but when truth opened my eyes, it became crystal clear.

One of the most widely asked questions across the planet is, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

When my Dad passed away in 2008, it was the one question relentlessly burning inside my heart. I wondered how a man like my Dad, a good and Godly man, could die suddenly from something we didn’t see coming when there were drunk drivers behind the wheel killing people daily.

Why would God take him from us when he was the glue that held our family together?

It wasn’t until years later I learned this truth: God had absolutely nothing to do with my Dad dying. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. He had no part in it at all.

When this revelation connected with my heart, I began to realize how much God gets blamed for a lot of things.

God gives and loves. The enemy kills, steals, and destroys. It’s truly that simple.

God isn’t bi-polar. He doesn’t miraculously save someone from a horrific accident one minute then turn around and send a tsunami to kill thousands the next.

I used to say certain things when I didn’t understand a situation.

Well, it must have been God’s will. God’s will is that no man would perish but come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9. It doesn’t mean all will come to repentance. There’s the whole reap what you sow thing. The tongue having the power of life and death. You get my drift.

It wasn’t God’s will for my Dad to die. Not at all. I get that now.

Another thing I said was, God is in control. This one held me in deception for a long time. It’s a very dangerous phrase because it totally blames Him for anything bad that happens. Puts Him on trial in the courtroom of our minds for things He had no part in. God is not in the business of killing thousands to make a point or punish anyone.

Here’s another. God moves in mysterious ways. When I became born again, God moved in. I put on righteousness. I was restored back to my original created image as if I never ate from the forbidden tree in the Garden. His Spirit moves in me and through me. My ways become His. There’s no mystery there.

God doesn’t make people sick to teach them a lesson. He doesn’t strike people down with cancer. If He did, why did Jesus say we could heal the sick and raise the dead? He doesn’t orchestrate catastrophic events. He doesn’t sit idly by when we suffer persecution. He hasn’t turned His back when we sit at the feet of our loved ones as they pass from this life into eternity.

He weeps with us. He mourns with us. He comforts us.

And while He isn’t the author of pain and difficult times, He will most assuredly work things out for His good.

So, why do bad things happen?

Because the enemy hates our guts and wants to see us turn our backs on God. He wants us to merely need God and not actually love Him. Big difference there. He wants us to blame Him for everything, because if we do, how can we genuinely trust Him?

So, be encouraged. Press on. Fight the good fight of faith.

God loves us so much.

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