Just Be

I used to work so hard at all the things I thought Christians were supposed to do. I lost my identity as a son and began to try and please God instead of understanding that He’s already pleased with me.

It’s easy to suddenly discover a calling or gift, and it becomes our identity. We might not even realize it at first. The enemy is sneaky like that.

If our identity slowly becomes what we do and not from our right standing with the Father, everything gets jacked up.

Just be.

Have you ever read the first part of Matthew 5? It’s the beatitudes, not the do-attitudes. When we say “yes” and surrender, we start to be transformed back into His image, and we become those things. We don’t have to try and act like them.

Jesus said for those who are weary and worn down by life to come unto Him, and He will give us rest. I used to find myself striving so hard towards the finished work of the Cross when all the while, I’m supposed to live from that place.

There is a striking difference between the two.

Just be.

And just to be crystal clear, there is nothing at all wrong with a ministry, callings, and giftings. They should all be byproducts of our sonship (daughter-ship) in Christ.

I am often utterly wrecked just sitting in the closet or on my bed fellowshipping with God. He reveals things to me. He fathers me if I have a bad attitude about something. He helps me see people through His eyes.

He is my ultimate accountability partner.

The secret place has become the most prolific place where I grow and become a little more like Jesus every day. When I open my Bible, I ask Holy Spirit to teach me. I don’t try and rush through reading plans as I did in the past, but I read slowly. I let it sink in and give it time for HS to produce life inside of me with each scripture.

Sometimes I camp out in one chapter for weeks at a time. (Currently in Hebrews 9. #MindBlown)

The Bible was never meant for our heads, but rather for our hearts. Don’t ever get discouraged if you don’t understand something. Keep asking Holy Spirit to reveal the truth. He will.

Just be.

Sometimes, I look in the mirror and speak life into my eyeballs. I can see Jesus staring back at me, and it’s amazing. If you can’t do that, you may just be lost in an identity crisis.

The most important thing we could ever do is cultivate our relationship with the Father.

When our eyes are open, and we finally see the truth about our created value and worth, it changes everything. We then realize no one can reject us because we have already been accepted into the Beloved.

No one can take away our joy because our joy comes from God. No one can take away what they never gave us.

We have already been accepted, loved, filled with worth, and redeemed. Let’s stop allowing people and life to determine our day. Wake up every morning and be a son or daughter in Jesus.

Stop working so hard to do all the right things. Run to Jesus and find rest.

Just be.



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