Heart Surgery

The Lord has recently been fathering me on being very mindful about how I speak to and of other people.

It’s so easy to hear news about someone and immediately join in the conversation even though that person is not around. (I believe that’s called gossip.)

It’s so easy to see someone on the television screen and immediately say something demeaning about them.

It’s so easy to hear someone’s name and immediately have not such glamorous thoughts about them.

It’s so easy to encounter someone who doesn’t look like us, speak like us, or act like us and immediately condemn them for it.

It’s easy to not speak life. That’s what I’m getting at here.

I believe this has been one of the most difficult areas for me. I think even at times when I’m “just kidding around” if I’m not speaking or thinking life, I shouldn’t be speaking or thinking at all at that moment.

God is renewing my mind daily on this issue. Instead of complaining about someone, now I ask Him to bless them. Abundantly. I’m beginning to look at everyone just as He does. People who were worth the blood of Jesus, just as I was.

If I get trapped taking people at face value, I miss everything. I make snap judgments. I assume things about them. It’s a rabbit hole that carries me further and further away from loving them.

At the core of every person are the image and created value bestowed upon them at the moment of creation.

They just don’t know it yet. They have no clue there is a Father who genuinely loves them. A Father who saw them on their darkest day and still sent His son to offer redemption forever.

It’s our calling to shout it from the rooftops. To proclaim the Good News to each and every person we see. We just have to get over ourselves first. Deny self. Jesus even told us it’s the first thing.

We shouldn’t remain silent and rob people from experiencing a first encounter with their Father. 

There is this guy in our small town who stands on the corner of an intersection with a cardboard sign asking for beer. He jumps around, shouts, and makes a complete fool of himself as the cars go by.

I’ve seen him a couple times now, and I think about how “crazy” he is. Yesterday, my heart broke for him. He needs to know his Father loves and adores him. He needs to know Jesus saw him at his worst point in life and still willingly endured the cross. He needs to know how full of value and worth he is.

And, it’s up to me to let him know. I am going to stop at some point and talk to him. He doesn’t need to hear how being an alcoholic is wrong. He doesn’t need to hear that his life is heading in a bad direction.

It’s the goodness of God that brings people to repentance. Not the pointing out of their sin. Not the condemnation that they have been living wrong. Not the guilt trip about where they might be spending eternity.

He needs love. Period.

If I can’t share the hope inside of me with him, what am I doing?

So, yeah. God has been doing some major heart surgery within me, and while it can be painful sometimes to experience, I am encouraged to be growing up more in Him each and every day.

He is such a good, good Father. There is none like Him.


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