Phoneless for 24 hours

So, yeah. On Wednesday, I climbed into my car like every afternoon when I go pick up my girls from school.

I plugged my phone into the car charger, and after about 30 seconds, smoke started filling the car.

I immediately jerked the charging cable out of the phone and tried to figure out what was going on. Turns out, a hole started burning in the plug on the cable right where it connects to the phone’s charging port.

Pretty crazy.

After the smoke had cleared and I was certain my car wasn’t on fire, I continued on to the school. About half way there, I decided to play some music and realized my phone was completely dead.

The charging port at the bottom smelled like burnt wires. Not good.

Once I parked in car line, I did all the usual troubleshooting steps by pushing and holding buttons, etc. Nothing worked.

We went to the Verizon store, and they ran some tests. The phone was dead. Gone. Belly up. Okay, you get it.

After discussing my options, it was determined they could replace the phone since I haven’t had it a year. It would have to be shipped to me overnight directly from Verizon.

So, I would have to wait 24 hours before getting a replacement.

It was weird. I’ve never gone that long without my phone, but you know what? I kind of enjoyed it.

The main thing I missed was not being able to text my lovely wife all day long, which has become an amazing part of our new, reconciled relationship.

Before my radical transformation by the grace of God, my phone captured my attention more than anything else. (Sidenote: it doesn’t now at all. I don’t even have Facebook on my phone. Crazy, huh?) I believe it’s the same for many of us, whether we realize it or not.

Between social media, selfies, texting, chasing Pokemon, and internet surfing, cell phones have almost entirely taken over our lives. I didn’t think I could survive without my phone, but I was mistaken.

It was nice.

Sometimes it’s necessary, maybe vital, to unplug and allow our eyes to focus on something more than a glowing screen. I used to leave my phone sound turned on when I entered into the secret place to commune with God.

Now, I put it on silent, so there are no distractions.

There is nothing on your phone more important than spending time in fellowship with the Father. Nothing. No text. No email. No Facebook post. No tweet. No SnapChat. No missed Pokemon.

This post isn’t a condemnation of any kind. It’s a challenge and wake up call.

There are people dying all around us with no hope. We have that hope inside of us, not on the screen of our cell phones.

Let’s look up and see the world around us.

I challenge you to turn your cell off for 24 hours and see what amazing things you will discover.

You never know. You may find yourself turning it off more often.

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