Everyone has a story

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own issues and problems. I know it is for me. Not as much these days as God continues to father me like only He can do. But, in the past, yeah. I lived in my own little world.

My universe of one.

It’s amazing what happens when we begin to look more like Jesus every day. We start to see things we never noticed before.

We stop taking people at face value and start digging in a little deeper.

Everyone has a story. We just have to take the time to see and listen. We have to deny self and become love. Everything changes at that point.

This weekend, we took a trip over to Asheville for the day. Went to the mall, played around at Guitar Center, and eventually went to eat.

We’ll say our waitress was Glenda, and she was awesome.

In the past, we would arrive at a restaurant, get seated, order our drinks, order our meals, eat, leave a tip, and then leave. We didn’t want to be bothered by our server. After all, it’s their job to bring the food, keep our beverages filled and leave us alone.

But you know what? Even our server has a story.

We asked Glenda how she was doing. She informed us that a week ago she found out she was pregnant. My wife didn’t say anything (I expected when my wife heard another woman was pregnant, she would have been excited), so after Glenda left for another table, I asked Jennifer about it.

She didn’t hear that part. So, when Glenda returned, I brought it up. At that point, Jennifer was able to congratulate her and ask her if she was excited. Glenda’s reply was not what we expected.

She explained that she had mixed feelings of excitement and uneasiness. Turns out, the father is a drug addict and used to abuse her physically. It was a disconcerting story she told us, to say the least.

The father has already been threatening her with a custody battle and things like that once the baby arrives.

I want to point out something. It’s the kind of story a waitress would not generally tell complete strangers, so we knew right away it was a God thing for her to open up like that. As she continued to talk, her eyes became teary, and it was evident she wanted to break down.

Jennifer and I both felt stirrings within our spirit and knew we needed to bless her somehow.

I asked Jennifer what she thought about the tip. How much should we leave? We talked for a bit, then I remembered the cash I had in my wallet. It was set aside for a car we’re paying on right now.

I instantly knew God was telling us to give her that cash and as a bonus, leave a generous tip on our card.

So we did.

When Glenda returned to our table after she had already run our credit card, Jennifer spoke life into her. She told Glenda that God loved her and the unborn baby and that He had a purpose for them both. She also wrote a short note on the receipt.

I handed Glenda the bill and told her we left a tip on there for her. Then I gave her the cash and said we wanted to give her a gift. She didn’t want to take it at first, but I told her that God loved her and that baby and we wanted to bless them both.

I told her God didn’t make mistakes and there is a purpose for her child. Again, it was apparent she wanted to burst out in tears but was fighting to keep it together. She asked if she could hug us and also our girls.

Then Jennifer asked if we could pray for her, and Glenda was more than grateful. So, we prayed for her right there at the table, with my amazing wife leading. It was an incredible moment.

It would have been easy to let our minds run wild and interfere with just loving her. The baby’s father was an abusive drug addict. Why would Glenda end up pregnant by that guy? She should know better. Blah blah blah.

The enemy could have easily sabotaged a beautiful moment.

Those thoughts never entered our minds. None of that matters. The only thing that mattered was that a pregnant, scared, worried waitress told us her story, and we loved her. We blessed her.


Because God so loved the world that He gave…

It truly is that simple. We chose to step out of our comfort zone, listen to another person’s story, and act like Jesus would have.

I barely remember the hour and a half ride home. We had praise music blaring and worshiped our Father all the way back. It was awesome.

We may never see Glenda again. We may never know how our blessing affected her. And, that’s okay. We’re here to sow seeds. Sometimes we have the honor of watering seeds someone else planted.

God brings the increase.

Everyone has a story. We just have to be willing to listen.


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