Trusting God and taking a step in faith

As most of you know by now, I was addicted to pornography for 33 years. It started when I was 11 and lasted until just this past year. The addiction played a detrimental role in my marriage for 17 years. We tried everything to make it stop. It wasn’t until the revelation of God’s love and my identity truly hit my heart for the first time that I was completely freed. Everything changed in a moment, and I became born again. I feel my story can help those who are slaves to pornography and are desperate for a way out.

The enemy is using this addiction to destroy lives and marriages, and it’s time for us to rise up in the truth that will set us free. We no longer have to live in the shackles of shame, guilt, and condemnation.

I’m not a dynamic speaker, teacher or pastor, but I feel God wants to use me to dig deep into this epidemic that is not only affecting people all over the world but also inside the church. It’s a very uncomfortable subject for most, especially within the four walls of our church buildings, but I believe this topic needs to be brought into the light.

I believe almost every man on this earth has been affected by pornography at one time or another. It’s everywhere. It’s time husbands, fathers, brothers, pastors, sons, leaders, and teachers admitted there is a problem running rampant throughout the Body. Don’t receive this as condemnation; it’s a battle cry for freedom. When your identity is rock solid in Christ, there is no desire to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. When we know and recognize our Shepherd’s voice, everything else contending for our attention will sound strange to our ears.

If you would like me to share my testimony with your church, home group, event, etc please contact me and let’s see if we can work something out. I’m a quiet, laid back guy who loves Jesus and public speaking isn’t in my wheelhouse at all. But, I want others to experience the same freedom I am living in, so I am willing to do anything God wants me to in order to spread the message of truth.

I’m not rich, I don’t have a private jet, and I have no clue how I could even travel to different places. I do know that if God’s grace is upon this effort, He will provide a way.

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2 thoughts on “Trusting God and taking a step in faith

  1. I also believe almost every woman on this earth has been affected by pornography. Perhaps not with the same bondage as men, but the harmful effects are very real to us as well. As you said pornography is everywhere. It affects everyone. The sad part is not everyone sees that.

    The freedom you have found from your addiction is evident and I am greatly encouraged by your passion and willingness to share your story to help others. God can and will use your voice in this army He is gathering to fight this battle in the church and beyond. Thank you for using it!

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