Why I stopped pointing fingers

I went through a phase, quite a long one actually, where nearly everything I said, posted, or wrote about was pointing out the failures of others.

Exposing the anti-Jesus in every person, organization, leader, group, and idea I could unearth. My blog was flourishing with around 11,000 subscribers. I had nearly 2,000 “friends” on Facebook. Close to 10,000 followers on Twitter.

I was pressing towards the spot light of popularity. At any moment, one of my many blog posts could go viral. (Closest I got was a post that landed over 50,000 views.) I was anticipating that event with bated breath. I followed others who had already tasted success in that arena. My time was coming.

I didn’t care what I had to write, who I had to tear down, what group of people I needed to throw under the bus. I was going to make sure my name would some day reside right up there with all the other bloggers I admired.

It got to the point where I wasn’t even writing what was on my heart. I was closely following all the biggest headlines in the world, and crafting my articles neatly around those events. I would watch and see what topics brought the most hits, likes, and shares for other writers, and then fire up the computer.

I was a mess.

It took almost losing everything beautiful in my life to realize I was nothing more than a hypocrite. Plain and simple.

I lived two very different lives. One online. And one in my home. The one online appeared to have it all together. A little success. Growing popularity. A surging sea of followers. Always ready with a good zinger if someone disagreed with me. Adept at quieting the opposition with my brilliant narratives.

The one at home was empty. Lost. Addicted. In darkness. I had no idea who I was. Hanging on to a failing marriage. No hope.

Then God stepped in and saved me. Saved my life. Saved my marriage. Restored my identity.

Everything became clear.

I knew something had to change. Big time.

I closed out my old blogging website and opened a new one. This one. Life Within Him. I deactivated my old Facebook and started fresh. I closed out my Twitter account. I pretty much did everything opposite of what I should in order to be a successful writer and author.

I found myself still posting things (a little) that didn’t produce life. Words that, even if not intended, tore people down more than built them up. I recently looked through my blog posts on this site and deleted any not full of life and truth.

It’s easy to get caught up in the social media circus and start pointing fingers. He said, she said. Well, they shouldn’t have done so and so. Why can’t they just see…

None of that stuff produces life.

Can you imagine Jesus on Facebook? Me neither.

I believe social media can be an amazing platform. It has brought some amazing people and opportunities into my life. There is no way to deny that. It can also be used to speak death on a constant basis.

I only want to do the will of my Father. I believe that is to manifest His image everywhere I go. Including social media. Pointing fingers and telling people what they are not doing produces death.

Telling people who they were created to be produces life. Encourages. Edifies. Lifts up. Brings hope. Shines a light in the surrounding darkness.

Sharing my story and allowing others to see all God has done will produce life.

Why did I stop pointing fingers? Because that’s not why I was created.


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