3 easy ways to decorate a cake without confectionery paraphernalia

During the quarantine period, many people are starting cooking adventures at home for the first time, and we think many of you these days have also started some kind of cake. Making a celebratory dessert at home can be terrifying for many a well-trained home cook, but actually there is nothing to be afraid of. However, it is true that when we bake desserts we need to be much more conscientious about grams and milliliters. But the sense of aesthetics must also be activated, because we want the cake to be beautiful, right?

Unless you’re a trained pastry chef, we don’t exactly expect decorative art on homemade cakes. But since less is sometimes a lot more, this time we list below ways to minimally decorate homemade cakes and pastries. No special confectionery utensils and in a few, very simple steps with kitchen utensils that you already have at home.

cream flakes

When preparing a cake for the youngest revelers, you probably want to decorate it as colorfully as possible. We found a great idea with creamy flakes, for which we only need baking paper or a freezer bag and a spoon. A ruler also helps us. You can see the exact process in the following video.

lines and packs

We usually spread the cream on the cake with a spatula, as we can achieve a very even coating this way. But if we want to have patterns on it, our best helpers are spoons and forks. In the video below you can see how to draw different patterns with it.

decadent cake

You can also create an extremely luxurious cake with a spoon if you use the technique of wrappers or swirls that add volume to the cake. In the video below you can see how easy the process is. You can add a dot with a fresh flower on it, or even a toy or figurine.

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