A cake that only needs five ingredients

This time, in the Naj slovensko pecivo show, you will learn about a very simple but delicious cake that is made without flour and for which you only need five ingredients. The recipe is at least 80 years old, and before the Second World War he was honored by being published in a culinary supplement.

In eight shows The best Slovenian pastries the jury and the audience are presented with eight candidates who love to bake. guarantors Polona Klančnikmaster of baking with yeast, ethnologist Prof. DR. Janez Bogataj and a representative from Mercator Veljko Tatic You have already chosen three lucky ones whose desserts Mercator puts on his shelves. And now it’s your turn to choose the same cake that impressed you the most, and the winner will receive 2,000 euros in cash.

Three finalists, whose goodies you can claim until December 16th. and thus decide who will be the big winner of the show Naj slovensko pecivo are: Meta Kocjančič with Potica Cake, Nina Bavdek with Vegan Poetry and Urška Jerman with Forerunner Inspiration. Mercator then buys the recipe for the winning cake, ensuring it will never be forgotten and you can buy it from our best neighbor in the future.

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From generation to generation…

In the third show Naj slovensko pecivo which you can watch on M SOSESKA the presenter Uros Bitenc handed over to Gorenjska, more precisely to Kranj, to a 45-year-old journalist Spele Ankele. Špela, who is also a mother of two girls and in her free time, when she is not baking, likes to go to the mountains or read a good book, is fighting for the title of the big winner in the Mercator culinary competition with her grandmother’s cake. milk. You don’t need any flour for the cake, but you bake it with just five ingredients: eggs, butter, coffee, powdered sugar and almonds.

It was this cake that won us over decades ago in a culinary competition. 80 years ago, when Spela’s grandmother Milka was collecting recipes for a cookbook, she also sent a recipe for this cake, thereby convincing the decision-makers, who paid tribute to it by publishing it in a culinary supplement.

M NEIGHBOURHOOD, The best Slovenian pastries Author: M NEIGHBOURHOOD


Another name: kiss cake

The cake that Špela passed the recipe on to her mother Mirjana, and her mother-in-law, Špela’s grandmother Milka, has a very interesting name – kiss cake. The ethnologist who is also one of the jurors, Prof. DR. Janez Bogataj, explains: “Throughout the centuries of historical development, various desserts have appeared, including a kiss cake. It’s an extremely good cake. And you wonder who to kiss next: either the cake or the one who made it.”

A simple cake is special for Špela because it has been passed down from generation to generation in her family for decades and is a symbol of family and beautiful family moments. A delicious dessert was never missing when relatives gathered around the table. This cake reminds me of all the happy holidays and birthdays, since since childhood it has always been on the table when more people gathered behind our table on an important day. This is a slightly updated 50+ year old cake recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation in our family,” said Špela, who will pass the recipe on to her daughters, who are already enthusiastic about baking at the age of ten and twelve.

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