A divine pastry that brings back memories of childhood and home

The last contestant in the eighth show Naj slovensko pecivo is 31-year-old Jerica Klinar from Jesenice, who has been running around the kitchen since she knew herself. Her mother sewed her first apron at the age of two and she still has a great love for baking. She fought for victory with a cake she named Memory of Home.

You can see the show on M NEIGHBORHOOD The best Slovenian pastries, in which eight contestants compete for the title of grand prize winner. A specialist jury consisting of the Slovenian ethnologist Prof. DR. Janez Bogatajthe queen of baking with yeast Polona Klančnik and a representative from Mercator Veljko Tatichas already three finalists selected, whose cake Mercator puts on his shelves. These are: Meta Kocjancic with potica cake, Nina Bavdek with vegan poetry Urška Jerman with Prekmurje inspiration.

And now it’s your turn to 16. 12. by purchasing one of the three goodies that made it to the grand finale, decide on the winnerthat will be for the price received 2,000 euros. By buying the winning cake, Mercator ensures his sweet sin will never be forgotten.

M NEIGHBORHOOD;  The best Slovenian pastries Author: M NEIGHBORHOOD


Memories of Home is an innovative homemade dessert created by Jerica herself. It consists of two layers of crunchy buckwheat dough with walnuts, sandwiched between a cream of caramelized apples and pears and a sweet cream flavored with thyme. This is one of Jericho’s favorite spices. “She chose simple ingredients, which makes me very happy, and made a very good recipe out of simple ingredients.” Polona Klančnik commented on Jerica’s recipe.

Jerica reveals that each of the ingredients reminds her of her childhood and home. She chose buckwheat flour because they have an organic mill at home; Walnuts because they had a big walnut tree at home with a well under it and the family liked to be there. She added pears to apples because she and her brother played under a homemade pear for hours. All the ingredients together create a heavenly combination that takes her back to her childhood memories, which is why she thought the dessert was ideal for the Naj slovensko pecivo competition.

M NEIGHBORHOOD;  The best Slovenian pastries Author: M NEIGHBORHOOD


She inherited another important tradition from her grandmother and mother

In Jerica’s kitchen, in addition to many cookbooks, a special pink notebook catches the eye, which the 31-year-old from Gorenjska reveals to be her Bible. “My grandmother wrote her recipes in a notebook. My mother helped her because my grandmother was illiterate. That’s how my mother started writing in her notebook when she was young. She wrote everything down, had it drawn there and always drew me to these notebooks, although she never allowed me to touch them,” Jerica remembers.

And following the example of her mother and grandmother, she also began to write down recipes and thoughts in a special notebook. “Now I also make my own notes in my notebooks where I keep my recipes. This ‘pink’ notebook of mine is a sacred notebook for me that I find difficult to share with others. This notebook gives me the opportunity to switch off , writing down ideas, drawing, designing, “ he says. Let him draw something here and there for his daughter Is not itand if she ever opens a notebook at work and sees her drawings in it, it brightens her day. “She knows what this notebook means and as she learns to read and write she will be able to create her own too. It has become a tradition that continues. It’s nice to keep memories and old habits intact,” she said. adds Jerika.

M NEIGHBORHOOD;  The best Slovenian pastries Author: M NEIGHBORHOOD


In addition to baking, her great love is also edible and decorative flowers

In addition to baking, Jerica, who works in gastronomy, also loves learning about decorative flowers, which she devoted herself to in more detail two years ago. Many types of edible and decorative flowers have also found their place in her home garden, which she uses both to decorate her desserts and in cooking – she makes jam from roses, for example.

If you want to make cakes from buckwheat, walnuts, apples, pears and thyme caramel, see the recipe and preparation process HERE!

And remember everything to 16. 12. You can, by purchasing one of the three treats that made it to the grand finale, decide on the winnerthat will be for the price received 2,000 eurosMercator buys the recipe for the winning cake and ensures that it is never forgotten.

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