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The last year has been particularly difficult for musicians. Due to the situation, they were forced to cancel their concerts and find a way to reach the audience in other ways. But despite the cancellation of the performances, many of them are still very active and productive. While some dedicate themselves to musical creation to the fullest, others are dedicated to discovering other potentials that they hide within themselves. She is also one of the wonderful women with many talents Hannah Mancinisinger of the group Xequitifzwho represented Slovenia on the Eurovision stage years ago.

Hannah is also gifted in cooking, whom we visited at her house a while ago, where we were able to make sure that she also has an extremely perfect sense and sense of aesthetics. In the Corona period, the olive cake saw the light of day, which is a real hit on Instagram. We’ve heard that it’s not only insanely photogenic, but also very tasty. Her olive oil cake can be found at Pop’s Place Restaurant. Recently, giant chocolate chip cookies with La Bomba caramel have also been on sale.

Can you tell us more about your olive oil cakes? How did it all start?

The idea came to me when cakes became a big trend in the United States. I have a recipe that I’ve been baking for years, so I figured why not try something like this too. It’s simple, extremely tasty and can be easily packaged and delivered.

Planning to leave the music behind and devote yourself to baking?

Not at all. I think both can be done at this point. I can’t wait for the day when I can be back on stage. These are really hard times for all artists and musicians, actually for everyone involved in this concert/music industry. Baking certainly came to the fore because of the coronation situation itself. I had to focus my energy somewhere because you can’t record an infinite amount of music. Because I had so much fun baking while baking for family and friends, it just so happened that it became my alternative back then.

When did you discover your passion for baking?

I’ve been baking since I was little. My friends already know that I will bake them a cake for their birthday. When my husband and partners opened Pop’s Restaurant, I started designing desserts for them. It was kind of an organic, totally natural process because I love it and I really enjoyed it.

Do you miss stages and performances?

I miss her a lot. Two music projects will soon see the light of day with my band Xequtifz, with whom we recorded a new song and a song that will be on the album Sladice, which by the way is the perfect name for what I’m doing now. In this current situation, performances are simply not feasible. If this is possible again I hope that we will be very happy and have more cakes as soon as possible. It will be a wonderful and delicious combination.

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