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The popular musician has proved many times that Tanja Žagar is a top chef, and her latest delicious “project” has impressed even the most demanding Instagram “fuddies”!

The singer baked a favorite piece a while back “Reform” cakeand we’ve come up with a recipe for you that will make you drool.

For the “Reforma” cake according to Tanja Žagar’s recipe you will need:


🍰 10 proteins

🍰 300g sugar

🍰 300g ground hazelnuts


🍰 10 egg yolks

🍰 300g sugar

🍰 100g chocolate

🍰 250g butter

🍰 a teaspoon of instant coffee of your choice


🍰 a few tablespoons of jam

🍰 100g chocolate

🍰 3 tbsp cream

🍰 Tablespoon butter

But you prepare it like this:

Beat the egg whites with a mixer and add sugar and hazelnuts. Bake the mixture in a long cake tin over medium heat for 20 to 25 minutes.

Then start beating the yolks, sugar and chocolate, being careful to steam them. As your batter thickens, add chunks of butter and a teaspoon of instant coffee. Allow the resulting cream to cool slightly, meanwhile remove the baked dough from the oven and cut into four parts.

Spread the three parts with cream and put them together to form a cake. Finally spread everything with jam and cover with chocolate (do not forget to dissolve with butter and cream beforehand). You can also sprinkle ground hazelnuts or walnuts on top as a garnish and then serve with coffee.

And happy sweets! 😉

Photos: Instagram

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