“German chocolate cake

Every Saturday we publish the recipe of our former colleague Ivan Fischer on our website www.primorski.eu. This is not a novelty, but an electronic reprint of the culinary corner published by Primorski dnevnik from late spring 2007 to autumn 2011. Both the originality of the recipes and the thought that accompanies their publication remain relevant and informative, and the online publication at the same time allows for rapid transfer to the electronic or paper archive of home cooking.

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“German chocolate cake

Recently I was presented with a rather interesting cookbook, which was published in Ljubljana at the end of last year and contains many, unfortunately not all very simple, tasty recipes. Above all, the book surprises with its language, juicy colloquial Slovenian, which for us foreigners is almost blasphemous, because those of us who sometimes sit at the computer and write a few lines would never dare to use terms like castrola, olive (olive oil), full of delicious dish to list the sauce and I could go on for a long time because every page is full of such expressions.

But let’s leave the language side aside and focus on the recipe that will have you baking your fill…, sorry, a very good cake that’s supposed to be German, but it’s not German at all, but from the other side comes big puddle and was called German because its essential ingredient is American Baker’s chocolate, made by Samuel German for that company in 1852, which contained more sugar than the previous chocolate. They called it “German sweet chocolate”. Years later, someone sent a Texas newspaper a recipe for a cake made with this chocolate, which the diary called a “German Chocolate Cake.”

Enough history for this chocolate cake we need:

90 grams of dark chocolate

170 grams of butter

300 grams of sugar

3 eggs

1.8dl milk

250 g flour

4 grams of baking powder

Pinch of salt; 150 g sugar for the filling

1.8 dl sweet cream

80 grams of butter

2 egg yolks

100 g coconut flour

100 g pecans (American walnuts)

for coating:

1.5dl cream

spoon of powdered sugar

50 g coconut flour

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the biscuits in it. We make it from chocolate that we melted with a little water over low heat. Once the chocolate has melted, set aside and let cool slightly. Cream together the softened butter and sugar and add the egg yolks one at a time.

Now we can pour in the melted chocolate. Mix and add alternately sifted flour with salt and baking powder and milk. Beat the egg white until stiff and carefully mix into the mixture. Pour the biscuit into a round eight-inch tin and bake for a good half hour. The cookie is ready when the toothpick we put in the center comes out clean. Cool first in a casserole dish and then on a wire rack, then cut into three pieces. It’s not the easiest to use, but they sell a special device that makes it easy.

While the cookie cools inside the shrimp, mix together the sugar, sweetened cream, butter, and egg yolks: heat over low heat to thicken.

Be careful not to overheat. Set aside and stir in the coconut flour and ground nuts. Cool to room temperature.

We can now coat the bottom two sheets of the cookie with this chilled cream, all coated in whipped cream and sprinkled with coconut flour.

Enjoy your meal!

Ivan Fisher


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