GM Diet is a solution for everyone who cannot stand hunger: this menu will help you lose up to 5 kg per week – body and mind

The original GM meal plan was developed by General Motors in 1985 for its employees with help from the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture. The aim was to make employees healthier and thus improve work productivity.

Initial results were impressive and workers lost significant weight in just one week, which was reflected in improved efficiency, energy and confidence. In fact, it’s one of the fastest and most effective diets in the world, as the diet plan promises significant weight loss and detoxification at the expense of the large amount of water the diet provides, but like any other diet plan, it works with certain caveats. With appropriate structure, it is recommended that the individual remain under medical supervision and see their doctor regularly. If your body is suffering from a disease or you are a child or a pregnant woman, we advise you to refrain from this diet.

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GM’s nutritional plan focuses on consuming complex carbohydrates and low-calorie foods. In combination with increased water intake, you can significantly reduce your weight in a week.

The goal is to limit the weekly diet to fruits, especially apples, vegetables, brown rice, and chicken. With the GM diet plan you not only lose 5-7 kilos per week, but also get your body into the detoxification process. The reason is the ingredients of this diet, because the diet consists of huge amounts of fruits, vegetables, lots of soups and huge amounts of water. This amount of fruits, vegetables and water that we put into the body on a daily basis undoubtedly affects our digestion. All of this will help your body get rid of waste products and toxins that can leave you feeling drained, without energy, with slowed digestion and even slowed metabolism.

The GM diet promotes weight loss in several ways, including:

  • encourages people to eat more fruits and vegetables, which are healthy and low-calorie foods
  • does not allow added sugars or processed foods
  • does not allow refined carbohydrates
  • reduces daily calorie intake

Everyone’s body is different, so people’s results may vary.

If you don’t like apples best, you might be disappointed in your diet on day one. The next day you might find that you can do with just one bite of an apple. However, by day three, you’ll find that all fruits and veggies taste the same! But maybe you are a fan of soups and the soup will be especially technical after the GM concept.

GM or “Miracle Soup” is very easy to prepare and consists primarily of vegetables, which are spicy and low in calories and include cabbage, tomatoes, celery, peppers and carrots. This soup can be consumed in unlimited quantities during the week and it is good to eat it as often as possible. People can eat miracle soup as a snack to relieve hunger pangs until the next meal.

Tip: Soup helps you stay hydrated while your body sheds excess fat.

Ingredients you will need to prepare the soup:

  • water
  • 2 green peppers
  • 6 onions (smaller or 2 larger)
  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • Green
  • The Head of Desire
  • Dice the chicken or vegetable base
  • salt and pepper to taste

Place all ingredients in a saucepan and cook for at least 45 minutes or until all of the vegetables are fully cooked.

GM diet menu

DAY 1: Eat only fruit – any kind except bananas. The maximum amount of fruit is not fixed. Fruit that contains a lot of water is recommended.

DAY 2: Only eat vegetables raw or cooked. The diet prohibits the consumption of potatoes (potatoes are allowed only for breakfast). You can also enjoy the soup prepared from the above raw materials.

DAY 3: Eat only fruits and vegetables of any kind except bananas and potatoes. You can enjoy unlimited amounts of soup between meals.

DAY 4: Only eat bananas and milk. You can eat up to six large or eight small bananas. Drink three glasses of milk, preferably skim milk.

DAY 5: Eat beef, chicken or fish. In addition to meat, you can eat some tomatoes. Vegetarians can substitute brown rice or cream cheese for meat. Increase your water intake by two glasses to eliminate excess uric acid.

DAY 6: Eat only beef, chicken or fish. Today’s dishes can contain unlimited amounts of vegetables, but not potatoes. Vegetarians can substitute brown rice or cream cheese for meat. Increase your water intake by two glasses to eliminate uric acid.

DAY 7: Eat only brown rice, fruits, fruit juices and vegetables. There is no maximum limit set for any of these foods.

Consult a doctor before making any major dietary changes or introducing a diet!

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