In just 10 minutes: cheesecake with OREO biscuits! (without PEKA) – Only for you

You need the following ingredients:

• Large pack of Oreo cookies

• 120 grams of butter

• 250 g sweet cream

• 200 g Philadelphia cream cheese

• 8 tablespoons of sugar

• 2 to 3 dl whole milk

• Custard sachets

How to prepare:

Oreo Cookies and crush them you arrange on the baking sheet. You leave some of these for later decoration. Pour over the ground biscuits melted butter.

v big bowl You pour milk. In milk gradually Pour the contents of a bag of custard and at the same time mix with a mixeruntil a thick mass forms. If you have leftover powder, use it the next time you cook the pudding.

They add cream cheese and sugar. you shuffle again You add sweet cream and it soft They disrupt the already created content. Then the resulting mass you ambush over ground Oreo cookies. You can decorate the top afterwards to your wish or sprinkle other crushed biscuits on top.

Your final task is to put the resulting dessert in the fridge for less than three hours, and then sweeten it.

just right? And happy sweets!

Created by: NS

Photos: Profimedia

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