Michelin chefs have prepared exclusive products for SPAR

Here in the New Year season you can enrich your creation with SPAR PREMIUM products created by three Michelin chefs – Uroš Štefelin, Gregor Vračko and Uroš Fakuč.

Recognized chefs Uros Stefelin, Gregory Vracko in Uros Fakuč Together with the Spar development department and many Slovenian suppliers, they have been working together since spring and have created sixteen exclusive SPAR PREMIUM products. Find out more about the products in the article and in the end we trust you with which SPAR PREMIUM novelty SPAR inspired the medical staff in the Covid wards of seven hospitals across the country.

Chef Uroš Štefelin swears by Gorenjska’s roots and presents štruklji

As the title suggests, chef Uroš Štefelin drew on his Gorenjska roots when creating the recipes. He has prepared three versions of the excellent cottage cheese SPAR PREMIUM Štruklji: Hazelnut Štruklji with dried pears will convince you; You can try štruklji with tarragon and dried pears; All lovers of classics will be delighted with the plum strudel. Do you already know how to best prepare yourself? The chef suggests placing slices of cold strudel in a buttered pan and heating over medium-high, “frying” until crispy on both sides. Then place the Štruklji on a plate, add a spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon juice to the pan and drizzle the resulting sauce over the Štruklji. Get to know more products of the chef Štefelin and click here.

Chef Gregor Vračko impresses with gourmet spreads

Gregor Vračko started his culinary career in his parents’ inn and later continued his professional career in world famous restaurants in Europe and the United States. He has created SPAR PREMIUM spreads that will enchant your taste buds; Try the creamy spread made from Laško beans and also experience the unique taste of the spread made from aromatic pumpkin broth. If you are a lover of pies, you will be even more amazed by Krškopolje pork spread. The chef suggests you try all the spreads mentioned on a piece of excellent bread with crackers or breadsticks, but you can also try something new and stuff halves of hard-boiled eggs with the spread. Here you will find all the products of the chef Vraček.

Do you like ravioli according to Uroš Fakuč’s recipe?

The goodies of Uroš Fakuč are now closer than ever, because you can find products with his signature at Spar. Especially for SPAR he prepared two versions of SPAR PREMIUM Ravioli made from rice dough – with aged Tolminec cheese and truffles. Ravioli are cooked in just four minutes and you can simply refine the food with the sauce of your choice or spice it up with a selected piece of meat.

Here you will find all the products of the chef Fakuč, the chef also prepared the hazelnut cappuccino cake of the chef SPAR PREMIUM. SPAR delighted medical professionals in the Covid wards of seven hospitals across the country with a delicious cake.

SPAR donated 70 SPAR PREMIUM Chef Cakes to healthcare professionals

The company SPAR Slovenija decided to present gifts to healthcare workers in the Covid departments of University Hospital Ljubljana and University Hospital Maribor, as well as general hospitals in Jesenice, Novo mesto, Celje, Murska Sobota and Izola. They were presented with a total of 70 chef’s cakes made according to Chef Fakuč’s recipe and handcrafted by confectioners from the SPAR Bakery.

You can also taste the high-quality cake and all other products based on the recipes of renowned chefs and use them to prepare delicious dishes. Impress your loved ones and find inspiration for quality dishes here.

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