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Fancy a sweet Cosmo treat in the form of a cup cake? Thereafter a simple recipe from Tik Tok In a few minutes you are…

… and in just a few steps, prepare a dessert that will delight you! cakes you make in a cupare the latest hit in the culinary world and have caused a certain mania on social media.

You only need to prepare one 4 Oreo cookies in 3 tablespoons of milkbut of course don’t forget your favorite mug.

Check out the Tik Tok recipe for the Oreo cup cake that is the perfect weekend dessert:


## fyp makes oreo mug cakes

♬ Lemons – Demo – Brye

That looks so divine, do you agree? 🤩

The whole secret is that in a cup of Oreo cookies and milk with the help of a fork You make a porridge out of it and put it all together in the microwave for 90 seconds. If you would like your Oreo cupcake to be a little fluffy, add milk oreo mush before microwave. a quarter teaspoon Baking powder.

Welcome to pure Oreo chocolate heaven! “To them!

Photos: Profimedia

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