Recipe: Desserts without an oven – News from Slovenia

Cooking rules are turned upside down in summer. Simple, light and fresh dishes will save you from long winter brewing of soup on the stove and cooking all kinds of dishes in the oven. In addition to avoiding heavy, greasy dishes, we try to prepare them in the shortest possible time and reduce the cooking time as much as possible.

Similar to meat, vegetable and other salty dishes, the same applies to desserts. In summer, instead of a filling, heavy biscuit cake and rich chocolate buttercream, we prefer to prepare a moist fruitcake, for which the base is made from ordinary biscuits. Plain biscuits, butter are suitable, you can also use chocolate, for example. Crush or grind the biscuits in a blender and mix with melted butter to form a compact mass. Line the cake tin with parchment paper and spread the biscuit base evenly on top. Put any cream or filling on top, shape nicely and put in the fridge for a couple of hours. For cakes and other desserts, prepare light creams like yogurt and whipped cream. To make the cream compact, we add gelatine to it, similar to, for example, the classic panna cotta, which is prepared by heating the ingredients. Gelatine can also be dissolved in hot or even cold water and serves its purpose as well.

The summer creams go well with fruit, preferably fresh, which is plentiful everywhere at this time of year. Creams from strawberries and other berries are popular, they can be prepared from peaches, apricots and other fruits that we have at our disposal. Creamy desserts are attractively served in glasses, with layers of whipped cream, cream, yoghurt and a base of crumbled biscuits.

In fact, we can make cakes, pastries, desserts in pots and cakes and various fresh balls from similar ingredients in different variations. We add fresh fruit, even small berries and larger fruit cut into pieces. They taste best when they are well chilled, they should stay in the fridge for at least an hour or two, but of course we can safely prepare them a day in advance. Ice cream goes well with summer desserts, decorate with whipped cream, pour over fruit or herbal syrups and sprinkle with sweet and colorful sprinkles.


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