RECIPE: FLUFFY “Cheesecake” that drove Instagram nuts (only 3 ingredients) – Just for you

Do you love cheesecake 100 and one ways? We also!

Finally, we were impressed by the recipe for an insanely fluffy cheesecake cake reminiscent of Veeeelik and delicious donut. It’s perfect for pampering and sweetening, but at the same time easy to prepare, it will definitely end up among your favorite recipes.

You will need the following ingredients:

🍰 3 eggs

🍰120g white chocolate

🍰120g quark puree

But you prepare it like this:

First separate the egg white from the yolk and put it in the fridge, in the meantime your darling can preheat the oven at 170 degrees. Break up the white chocolate and melt nicely over the steamer, then add the strained cottage cheese and mix well.

Add 3 more egg yolks to the mixture and mix well again. protein steppe v snow and then gradually add it to the resulting mixture. Be very carefully and gentle.

Take the cake model you have Diameter 15cm and line with parchment paper, then grease thickly with more butter. Pour the prepared mixture into the model and then beat well with the complete model a few times at his kitchen counterto get more excess air out.

After beating, place the model in a casserole dish filled with hot water.

All three then bake together 15 minute intervals. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees for the first 15 minutes, then to 160 degrees for the remaining 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes. turn off the oven completely.

After 45 minutes, remove the “cheesecake” from the oven and let it cool. You can sprinkle the top of the cake at the end if you wish with powdered sugar.

We wish you a happy Sunday sweet!

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