RECIPE: You only need 2 ingredients (+ NO baking) for this divine KitKat cake – just for you

If you are a big chocolate lover and at the same time live a fast life, this recipe is great for you. It’s no-bake kit kat cake. The recipe for this dessert drove TikTok users crazy because the cake is very easy to make but still insanely delicious!

You only need 2 ingredients. Keep scrolling and we entrust you with a great kit kat cake recipe without baking.

To prepare the dessert you will receive:

  • chocolate for cooking.
  • Waffles.


  • Roll up your sleeves and heat the chocolate in a water bath.
  • Pour the heated and tantalizingly melted chocolate into the casserole dish.
  • Add waffles to this layer. Pour a new layer of melted chocolate on top, to which you will again add a layer of waffles.
  • Alternate these two layers until you’ve used up all of the chocolate that should make up the final layer of our heavy cake. Pop the pan in the fridge overnight and you can treat yourself to a slice of Kit Kat cake in the morning to make your day even sweeter. 😉

Let us know in the comments how your 2-ingredient kit kat cake turned out and how much time you spent making this cool dessert.

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