Sweet cabbage with potatoes and vegetables

You can make a very similar version of the soup all year round. It tastes great in late summer if you use fresh ingredients – fresh cabbage, leeks, carrots and new potatoes, mostly fresh spinach or chard and also zucchini. This soup is also easy to prepare in early winter when the last cabbages are still available and potatoes and carrots are available anyway. In winter, you can also use a few cubes of frozen spinach, which is now readily available in all stores, and peas are also great in the soup.

Before we look at how to make this cabbage soup, let’s be honest a short list of soups so universal and so awesome that you can make them any time of the year, all year round:

• Creamy vegan cauliflower soup

• Vichyssoise: Leek soup with potatoes

• Vegan minestrone berries

• Green and white vegetable soup with potatoes

• Red lentil soup with vegetables

And some important information:

• This recipe is very provisional. You can use whatever vegetables are available to you. Take onions, cabbage, potatoes and carrots as a base, then add available vegetables.

• Use onions of any color or shallots instead of leeks.

• Instead of tomatoes, use a teaspoon of tomato concentrate and some water.

• If you don’t have fresh spinach, add frozen, or use chard, broccoli, kale…or none of these.

• Thyme is also an excellent fresh spice instead of parsley. In winter, use only dry spices.

• Make the soup more or less hot or not hot at all.

• You can make more, then cool and refrigerate for several days, then reheat and enjoy.

• You can leave the soup as is, but you can thicken it by mixing some potatoes and liquid and then adding it back to the soup. If you want, you can also thicken the soup a bit by mixing 2 teaspoons of flour with a few tablespoons of water and then mixing the mixture into the soup, which you then cook for a few more minutes.

• Good Appetite!

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INGREDIENTS (for 2 people)

olive oil

1 Pore

250 grams of fresh cabbage

1 large tomato

200 grams of potatoes

2 roots

some fresh peppers

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon ground pepper

1/2 teaspoon dried thyme


1 bay leaf

1 handful of spinach or chard

2 sprigs of parsley


Heat the olive oil in a large pan and sauté the chopped leek, adding a little salt. When it softens, add chopped cabbage to the strips/cubes/slices. Fry until the cabbage is colored and cooked. Meanwhile, add the diced tomatoes to keep the cabbage from browning. Really take your time to stew, because the cabbage must be well stewed, the soup with boiled cabbage is not so good. The gagging takes about 10-15 minutes.

When the cabbage is cooked, add the diced potatoes, sliced ​​carrots, sliced ​​bell peppers and sprinkle with chilli powder, ground pepper and thyme and stir, add the bay leaf and pour over the vegetable stock base. Cook for about 20 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.

When the vegetables are cooked, add another half of the chopped parsley and the sliced ​​spinach to the shrimp and stir. Cook for another minute, then taste the soup, salt and pepper if needed.

Serve the soup, garnish with chopped parsley, add a little more pepper and serve.


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