The chocolate and wine festival has successfully ended #video

He who has eaten all that is good has eaten; but whoever isn’t should wait for the next year. This brought the chocolate and wine festival to a successful close. We dedicate the following lines to everyone who missed this year.

Chocolate lovers still swear by the Sachertorte, although it may seem a little dated, as the original recipe is one hundred and ninety years old. We all know that it’s difficult to make a very good Sachertorte. The recipe has long been considered a great secret, and at this festival visitors could even see how it is prepared and baked.

If Prešeren’s Ball becomes synonymous with Ljubljana, Mozart’s Ball is already synonymous with Salzburg, and you can hardly return home from Vienna without being sweetened with a Sachertorte. However, if you come to Podčetrtek, you don’t have to go to Vienna for a Sachertorte.

But that’s not all. Lovers of good wine also got their money’s worth. Various wines from local winegrowers could be tasted on the top floor of the festival. Musical entertainment was provided by the pleasant sounds of Šani šeni, BQL and Trnja Live Acoustic, local guys who know how to spread a good mood.

However, locals have shown that not only are they having fun, but they are united and connected through nobility. So they organized a charity run for the Debra. Society that helps children with a serious hereditary disease, bullous epidermolysis.

Taking good care of our hungry stomachs and itchy heels as we ran the solidarity run, we rushed to the mayor’s wine handover.

Nobody got bored. The children have sweetened and created in their “Mega Chocolate Children’s Corners” and other art corners and the ladies have spoiled themselves in the beauty corners. For the tired, the “Culinary Tent” also offered a “relaxation beach”.


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